When searching for an optimal choice, “casting a wide net” can help reveal a wider array of options and alternatives. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, limiting your search to a single body of water can reduce your likelihood of finding the best option.

In the same respect, employers looking to source quality talent gain more options by expanding their employment to international workers.

But global talent sourcing can be a complex and costly process, and once an international employee is hired, the complications don’t stop there. Employers must then manage payroll for their international employees, which can be challenging due to different tax laws and currency exchange rates.

However, international payroll services can ease global payroll processes by simplifying tasks such as calculating and paying taxes, managing compliance and distributing payments. Using these tools can make hiring internationally more worth an employer’s time and money, as they can gain the benefits and variety of a global workforce without being weighed down by the complexities of international payroll.

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Global payroll services let users cast a wider net when choosing workers by enabling them to pay employees or contractors in different countries. These are the top eight international payroll services for organizations in 2023.

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Top international payroll solutions

ADP Celergo Papaya Global Rippling Oyster HR Remote Gusto Pilot Multiplier
International Employee Payroll Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
International Contractor Payroll No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Global Onboarding Tools No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employee Self Service Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Reporting with Data Analytics Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in time tracking tools Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes


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Best for HR management features

ADP provides international payroll and HR services in 140+ countries with the ADP Celergo global payroll solution. This product connects multicountry payrolls in one platform and provides international payroll processes through workflow automation.

ADP’s Celergo system provides features optimized to support users in managing their international business operations’ payroll and HR needs. For example, ADP Celergo can carry out wage calculations, deductions and tax payments based on information from its built-in time and attendance tracking tools.

The product assists employers with preparing and filing tax returns and ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations. ADP keeps global data safe by offering tools for global data management, data security and privacy compliance.

Aside from its payroll-specific functions, ADP’s Celergo benefits teams through its HR management features and capabilities. For example, the ADP product enables organizations to refine their onboarding processes with document management capabilities and the creation of employee records. With the employee self-service portal, administrators and employees can view their HR and payroll data.

Organizations can integrate their ADP Celegro solutions with other third-party tools, including accounting solutions, ERPs , collaboration platforms and more. The software supports connections with many popular systems like QuickBooks, Xero, BambooHR, Workday and Slack.

ADP pricing

Although pricing for ADP’s international payroll solution is not provided online, curious readers may call their sales team to receive a customized demo and cost information.