Payroll is an essential aspect of business management. In addition to providing employees with wages, it can also help enterprises manage benefits, track time and communicate with team members. Unfortunately, implementing successful payroll systems can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why organizations can benefit from payroll applications.

Payroll apps like Gusto and Justworks aid businesses that are searching for better payroll solutions, but not everyone’s payroll app is viable for your organization. The following 2023 guide has been compiled to help you determine which payroll applications could be useful for your business.

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Feature comparison table: Payroll applications

Feature Gusto Rippling Paychex Justworks Papaya
Payment and platform customization Yes Yes Somewhat Yes Somewhat
Automation Somewhat Yes Somewhat Yes Somewhat
Remote connectivity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full-service support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Top payroll apps of 2023

There are many payroll applications to choose from in 2023, and finding the perfect fit for your business can be complicated. Fortunately, many top payroll apps deliver specific tools that can help organizations achieve payroll perfection. The following payroll apps are all viable options for businesses looking to overhaul their payroll operations in 2023.

Gusto: Best for small businesses

The Gusto logo.
Image: Gusto

Gusto is a thorough and approachable service that many businesses are currently using to transform their payroll operations. This application is perfect for small businesses and remote organizations, and includes a suite of helpful scalability tools. At its core, Gusto is a simple and effective payroll app for businesses looking to evolve.


Organizations have access to great tools through Gusto. The service offers start-up features, tax calculators, full-service payroll, payment insights and so much more. The app makes it easy to manage health and retirement benefits, and it helps organizations onboard new employees.

Gusto also helps HR teams track work hours and project development, and many of these tools are highly sophisticated. For example, geolocation features allow HR professionals to track employee hours whenever they are in designated workspaces. Businesses can also customize PTO parameters, sync calendars uniformly and develop employee benefit plans.


  • A powerful app with a simple UI.
  • Easy and effective customization.
  • High-quality remote connectivity.
  • Data syncing and time management tools.
  • Affordable price perfect for enterprises looking to streamline payroll processes.
  • Especially valuable for small businesses, which can take advantage of many features unique to non-corporate entities.


  • Higher subscription tiers can become expensive.
  • Not as effective for large brands.


At its most basic, Gusto is priced at $40 per month plus an additional $6 monthly for every team member. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, most enterprises will want access to Gusto’s more sophisticated tools. Their Plus plan typically costs $80 per month plus $12 per employee, but it’s currently on sale for $60 monthly plus $9 per employee.

Gusto Plus grants employers access to advanced management tools, full support from the Gusto team, detailed insights and quicker payments. It is also important to note that Gusto offers a third tier of service, Premium, which is priced on an individual basis. This level comes with even better insights, as well as resources for HR teams. Most small businesses, however, should find Plus to be sufficient.