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It’s true that there are all kinds of tools for project management, but their usefulness drops dramatically if you aren’t familiar with the best practices of the process to begin with. If you or someone in your company needs to develop the most efficient project management skills, then the Project Management Institute Certification Training Bundle is exactly what you need.

The bundle consists of two parts. The first, “Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification” has 13 modules to provide you with a foundation in the principles and lifecycle of project management. They cover a wide variety of topics, such as defining quality standards, managing cost factors and group interactions. You’ll learn how to develop a plan for projects, ensure all deadlines are met for milestones, how to close projects and much more.

The second part of the bundle, “Project Management Professional (PMP),” builds on the skills you developed in the first. You’ll learn how to not only knock out your projects on time but also under budget. It explains how to build dream teams to hit all milestones and improve profitability on every project. You will develop skills in risk management, quality assurance, time and finance estimations, and more. Agile Project Management is thoroughly covered in this course as well.

Start learning how to streamline your business operations today and get the Project Management Institute Certification Training Bundle while it’s available for only $49.

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