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The world’s most popular programming language isn’t Java or JavaScript – it’s Python . The general-purpose programming language has been around for decades, but it’s used today more than ever in everything from GUIs and machine learning algorithms to games and apps. If you want to learn to code, The 2022 Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle is a great place to start. It’s on sale for just $34.99 (normally $2,388).

This Python training bundle includes 12 courses from some of the web’s top instructors, including Chris Mall, Ph.D., Zenva Academy  and Musa Arda. You’ll start with the absolute basics of coding with Python before advancing to more practical, advanced applications.

With the Python Foundations course, you’ll set up a Python project and get familiar with Python elements like variables and operators, lists and tuples, and ranges and dictionaries. You’ll understand how to control program flow with conditionals and loops and use functions for program execution. As you practice, you’ll also learn programming fundamentals and coding algorithms.

After you build a solid foundation, you’ll begin to explore the many practical applications of Python. You’ll learn how to build apps with Anaconda and PyCharm as well as GUI apps with Tkinter. There are courses on web development with Django, app development with TensorFlow, Python automation scripting, data visualization and even on using Python with Raspberry Pi. When you’re ready, you can jump into the PCEP certification course to prepare to ace this Python exam on your first try.

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