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If the winds are blowing toward greater investment in tech, the IT weathervane is definitely pointing in that direction: According to data outlined in the 2022 State of IT report by Spiceworks’ Ziff Davis, most businesses (53%) expect tech spending to increase year-over-year in the next 12 months. Gartner predicts IT spending will grow by 3% throughout 2022, despite the current financial environment.

“The current levels of volatility being seen in both inflation and currency exchange rates is not expected to deter CIOs’ investment plans for 2022,” said John-David Lovelock, vice president of Gartner.

Lovelack further warned that organizations that opt out of investing in the short term “will likely fall behind in the medium term and risk not being around in the long term.”

Among top categories on corporate IT shopping lists are data center systems, software and IT devices. Gartner also reports that companies are favoring cloud-based services for IT upgrades versus ownership of locally-hosted platforms (18.4% growth in 2021 and expected growth of 22.1% in 2022).

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IT asset management software available

Tying it all together is IT asset management software, which is used to track and manage an organization’s physical and digital assets, from mobile devices to software licenses, while ensuring that companies have eyes on all assets at all times throughout each stage of the IT life cycle.

Product Pricing for standard package Trial
Asset Panda $125 per month 14 days
Freshservice $89 per month per user 21 days
GoCodes $1,750 annually 15 days
Ivanti Neurons On request 45 days
Manage Engine AE Free (25 assets), $995 per year (up to 250 assets) 30 days
ServiceNow Custom No
SysAid On request 30 days
UpKeep $75 per month per user 7 days

Asset Panda

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Asset Panda is known as an asset management tool that can track anything, including IT assets. Asset Panda takes a flexible approach to asset management, enabling teams to custom-tailor the platform to fit their specific needs.

Asset Panda also provides access to unlimited users. Anyone who must track IT assets has the ability to do so in one centralized location.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface for centralized IT asset management
  • Mobile app for monitoring and updating IT asset data from any mobile device
  • Notifications and alerts for required repairs and other events
  • Maintenance tracking capabilities from request to fulfillment