A person with a brain made out of data between their hands.
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For all the hype around machine learning, its practical uses and what programmers and IT pros need to know is often left out of the conversation. The Machine Learning Mastery eBook Bundle provides a full and up-to-date training library on machine learning and its professional use cases.

The 10-book set opens with three books for people new to the field with a volume on machine learning algorithms, mastery of those algorithms and a practical manual that shows you how to apply those algorithms to real-world data problems. A follow-up volume looks at the statistical basis for machine learning to help you build your own statistically sound tools.

From there, three books look at Python’s role in machine learning, with the first looking at Python libraries more generally and the second a more general advanced course using Python as the basis. The third looks at TensorFlow, where Python is one option for programming, offering an easy transition to a title that examines how to build and deploy algorithms in Java.

The bundle is rated 4.5/5 stars by verified purchasers, and it closes with two common use cases for machine learning. Learn how to make use of algorithmic trading, using the flow of financial data to automatically make trades and manage financial assets, and how the OpenCV library uses machine learning for real-time computer vision and analysis.

Machine learning is a powerful tool, and like any tool, you’ll only get the most from it if you know precisely how to use it. This library of ten books opens the door to practical machine learning for $19.99, 91% off the $223 MSRP.

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