The Nichess AI dashboard.
Image: StackCommerce

A certain AI chat platform has been making plenty of headlines over the past few months, but there are many more intelligent content generators to choose from.

Nichesss is a standout example. From generating data-driven business ideas to drafting blog posts, this smart copywriting tool is super popular for entrepreneurs, and you don’t have to wait for access. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $59.99 via TechRepublic Academy. That’s a massive 93% off the full price for only a limited time.

No matter what you think about artificial intelligence, the technology is quickly changing the way we do business. Instead of hiring freelancers to build a brand, startup founders and side hustlers can now set up new ventures in minutes.

While some well-known tools can be used for these tasks, Nichesss was actually built for the purpose. This AI platform fulfills the role of branding expert and marketing copywriter, with a dash of business advisor thrown in.

As the name implies, Nichesss lets you find golden opportunities in even the most saturated markets. You simply put in a prompt and the AI draws on data to provide possible business ideas to explore. Once you have found something interesting, you can harness the AI to write sales copy, email subject lines, social media content, and even full blog posts. Clearly, there are countless ways this intuitive and capable program can help you run a better business.

Order today for just $59.99 to get your lifetime subscription with unlimited access to all 150+ tools, normally worth $999.

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