The IBM Watson and AWS logos.
Image: Rebecca Olason/TechRepublic

In the spirit of productivity and advancement, industrial Internet of Things tools are becoming increasingly viable and profound. These tools can help collect data, communicate with organization employees, scale operations, improve manufacturing, incorporate artificial intelligence and more.

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IBM Watson and Amazon Web Services IoT Core are two platforms that offer such tools. They both focus on different aspects of the customer and IIoT experience, and each can be useful when paired with the right users.

Overview of IBM Watson

The IBM Watson logo.
Image: IBM Watson

IBM Watson is IBM’s platform dedicated to IIoT tools. Watson focuses on allowing businesses to capture data easily. The platform encourages organizations to monitor all aspects of operation, including equipment, devices and software. IBM Watson also provides a simple digital interface that helps to manage devices from anywhere.

The IBM platform even allows for mass device additions to a network, making it easier to scale. Further, IBM Watson uses MQTT software to facilitate machine-to-machine communication, which allows the platform to deliver live data to users. IBM Watson, in the spirit of providing and securing data, also allows organizations to compile a complete history of their device/software data.

IBM Watson includes many other features — digital communication and outstanding AI tools, for example. But at its most basic, IBM Watson is a clear champion of simple migration to an IIoT network. The platform makes it easy for large organizations to manage data and offers an encouraging interface that can be helpful.