The Marketer’s Guide to Moving with Agility

Too many projects going through marketing departments suffer the same fate – one hiccup has a domino effect that disrupts the flow of the entire assignment. A crucial piece of information missing from the initial brief leads the team to throw out work and start anew. A key team member is already overloaded with ad hoc requests, pushing back the start date to when they have more bandwidth.

Thankfully, there are ways to increase your marketing team’s agility at every stage of the process – from the intake of new work requests all the way through the delivery of final assets – setting you up to cross the finish line with confidence.

Becoming a more agile marketing department requires the commitment of every member of your team. Together, you can implement ways to quickly and efficiently clear the hurdles that inevitably pop up throughout the life of a project. Sticking to that commitment is easier when you have a work management application like Adobe Workfront keeping everyone accountable while work moves through your organization.

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