We’ve reached a point where password managers should no longer be considered optional. We need password managers to keep us from using lazy, weak passwords, and we need them for storing those secrets in a protected vault.

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To that end, there are plenty of password managers to choose from, each of which will serve you better than trying to memorize every password or writing them down on a piece of paper. If you need a password manager that can be shared between teams, your options are a bit more limited. Fortunately, my shortlist of password managers are great for teams.

Bitwarden KeePass 1Password Hypervault Passbolt
Multiple account support Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Random password generator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Random username generator Yes No Yes No No
End-to-end encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multifactor authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Password sharing Yes Yes with Pro Yes Yes Yes
Role-based access Yes Yes with add-on Yes Yes Yes
Free plan Yes Yes No No Yes
Team collaboration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web browser plugin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Screenshot of the Bitwarden UI.
Image: Bitwarden

Bitwarden is one of my favorite password managers, and not just because it installs natively on Linux. With this open-source take on the password manager, you get all the bells and whistles to which you’re accustomed. This includes a random password generator, cloud sync, favorites, categories, custom fields, folders, multiple account support, password send, and import and export.

With Bitwarden, all of your data is encrypted and/or hashed on your local device. This means no one can see, read or reverse engineer your data. On top of that, Bitwarden servers only store encrypted and hashed data.

Standout features

Bitwarden comes with a number of very important features for teams and individuals, including the following:

  • 2FA and MFA logins
  • Multi-device usage
  • Web browser extensions
  • Mobile app
  • Random password and username generator
  • Security audits
  • Logins, credit cards and secure notes vault entry types
  • Favorites
  • Folders
  • Collections
  • Master password reprompt for extra security
  • Bitwarden Send to send either files or texts securely
  • Import and export

Bitwarden’s Collections feature is a standout. Collections makes it possible to share only specific passwords with certain teams, which means you don’t have to worry about every team member seeing all of your passwords.

Instead, you create a Collection of passwords and then share it with a team. You can create multiple Collections and share each one with a different team.

Combine the Collections feature with a best-in-class interface that is user-friendly enough for anyone to use, and you have a great password manager ready for your teams.

Bitwarden: Best for teams sharing multiple vaults

Thanks to the Organizations feature, Bitwarden is best for organizations that need to be able to share multiple vaults with different teams and need a high level of flexibility. Organizations make it possible for users to share isolated vaults that have no access to personal vaults so companies can create multiple vaults to serve different purposes.


Bitwarden has two plans: Business ($3/user/month for teams or $5/user/month for enterprise organizations) and Personal (Free and $10/year/user for individuals, or Free and $3.33/user/month for families).