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Welcome to another edition of “Tech News You May Have Missed”. This is a series where we recap TechRepublic’s biggest stories of the last week, in case a big story slipped by. Each week, the five most important or impactful news stories of the week will be recapped in this recurring series.

AWS is quietly getting better at open source

In this story, Matt Asay discusses how the Amazon product became a bastion for those working in tech and the ways the software is still improving.

What you should know: AWS is more concerned with ensuring a positive customer experience rather than being popular with open-source audiences.

China suffers massive cybersecurity breach affecting over 1 billion people

This piece details how a sensitive data exploit led to a Shanghai Police Department having citizen’s information available for $200,000 USD.

What you should know: The security for the database was shoddy, at best, and access was not password protected by the Chinese policing body.

Top 12 load testing tools for web applications in 2022

Franklin Okeke runs down some of the top load testing tools, and explains why developers need this type of software and what common features each of these tools share.

What you should know: Load testing assures developers that a system will be functioning under the strain of a number of users or the volume of data being processed.

Elon Musk backing out of buying Twitter

Twitter sues Elon Musk over aborted purchase

A two-pack of stories to end the week, as the deteriorating deal between Tesla founder Elon Musk and Twitter is pending litigation in a Delaware court.

What you should know: Musk claims the company never provided the accurate information for him to complete the purchase, while Twitter says Musk is illegally walking away from the agreement.